Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What is it with trailer parks, anyway....?

The Mandarin spent most of the 1970s at graduate school in Indiana, where it seemed every tornado to hit the state during the annual tornado season hit a trailer park.

Now this:

MERCED, Calif. - Two levees broke Tuesday in California's chief agricultural region, flooding a trailer park, threatening other homes in Merced and inundating farmland near Sacramento.

Water breached a 30-foot section of levee along a creek in Merced, sending up to 18 inches of water pouring through a mobile home park, said Michael Miller, a spokesman for the Department of Water Resources.

Three trailer parks were evacuated, a total of 200 people, said Elaine Post, spokeswoman for the Merced County Office of Emergency Services.

The message is clear: God has something against manufactured housing, plain and simple. Maybe we can blame this on Tom DeLay, too.

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