Monday, July 11, 2005

Why they kill us

I have been meditating recently on a post to explain why I think our government leaders, especially President Bush and his inner circle, fundamentally misunderstand the enemy we face in Bin Laden-style Islamic fundamentalism. Despite what Mr. Bush says, they do not kill us because they "hate our way of life," or because they "hate freedom." I believe they kill us because of our financial and military support of Israel, who in turn they hate because of Israel's occupation of Jerusalem and their treatment of the Palestinian Arabs.

Well, Juan Cole, an expert on Middle East politics and culture, has written it much more thoroughly and persuasively than I could have done. What I have been thinking, he explains convincingly. I was going to say I wish Mr. Bush would read it, but in reality, I doubt he would understand it or recognize its truth. I hope our next group of political leaders, of whatever party, have more open minds. I just wish we didn't have to wait another three and a half years to find out.

Read it yourself: Jerusalem and Terrorism.

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