Sunday, March 27, 2005

Well, its all over but the finger-pointing

Shrub didn't cover himself in glory after all. His handlers had him rush back to D.C., pen in hand, to promote a culture of life, for a poor woman whose EKG has been flat-lined for fifteen years. His major slip in the polls is part of his just deserts. His handlers now are trying to put some air between him and the Republican bunglers in Congress and their wacky, f*ck the Constitution "do-over" Bill. ["He didn't really want to come back to D.C. early, they made him do it."] Dumb and dumber, for sure. But who is the dumber one?

As for the fundamental issues in the last-minute legal circus, Andrew Cohen says it far better than the Mandarin can.

Mrs. Schiavo has been dead for fifteen years. May the rest of her family, Schiavo and Schindler, now rest in peace, too.

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